Ensure Proper Compliance When You Use Kids Wizz for Your Child Care Management System (CCMS) Software

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For better or for worse, we now live in a world where everything must be digitised, documented, and pushed into the cloud. Where child care services used to be simple after school programs that could be run out of someone’s household, they now are required to document all enrolment and attendance information so that it can be supplied to the Department of Education and Training. This data not only needs to be supplied, but it also needs to be done using the national child care management system (ccms). Since this requirements implementation, various child care management system software services, such as ourselves at Kids Wizz, have emerged to provide child care providers with tools that make their mandated documentation a little easier and more manageable.

What is Required of Your Childcare Management System Software

If you either are a current child care provider struggling to provide proper enrolment documentation or are considering opening a child care facility in the near future, it is important to make sure that you get the appropriate childcare management system software in place. It will probably come as no surprise to you that software services such as ourselves that aid facilities in meeting legal requirements are required to register with the Department of Social Services. Our software meets all the compliance requirements and technical specifications demanded and provides the necessary communication to meet all of your childcare management system (ccms) needs.

As a part of being a fully compliant software service to meet childcare management system requirements, we train all new facilities and individuals in how to use our service. This is not only mandated, but it also ensures that if you choose Kids Wizz as your software provider, you will get a careful walkthrough of everything you need to know in order to make sure that your facility is fully compliant.

Why You Can Feel Confident in Using Kids Wizz as Your CCMS Software

While brand new companies can be exciting and occasionally great, going with a newer service is a risky gamble. On the one hand, it could mean getting on board with a game changer early on. On the other hand, it could mean picking up a new service with a company that will be out of business in six months. Choosing a more established company ensures stability and reliability. At Kids Wizz, we have serviced child care providers for almost twenty years. As such, we are incredibly familiar with the industry and our niche in it. Our reputation has been carefully crafted over the past two decades as a brand you can trust, that is easy and friendly to work with, and greatly reduces the strain and stress over ensuring that your facility is fully compliant. We hold your hand through the initial set up and for as long as you take advantage of our service, you will never be alone when it comes to fulfilling your requirements for the childcare management system (ccms). Give us a call today to get your initial set up started.