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CCMS compliant software

We are a registered software provider with the Department of Social Services (DSS) and our software excels in all CCMS compliance requirements and technical specifications. The software very effectively interfaces with the DSS through the CCMS Service Provider Interface.

Direct Debit Facility

No more chasing fees! With our direct debit facility fees are resolved automatically and deducted from the parents nominated Bank account or Credit Card. Direct Debit software, and training is $165 (inc GST) per annum.

KW Permissions Facility

Administrators can set user permissions, controlling which screens the users can view, edit and have access to.

Invoicing in advance not a problem

Kids Wizz accurately calculates net fees in advance. These are shown as estimated fees and managed separately to the current debt so that you can still bill in advance. Kids Wizz resolves all fees against the parents account balance as CCB results are returned from CCMS. This feature provides an excellent solution for services such as Vacation care needing to bill weeks in advance.

Innovative CCMS Management

The “CCMS tasks” that the program generates are queued up in a list. These can then be sent with a single click of the “Send Now” button.

Automatic handling of backdated Changes

Kids Wizz automatically generates the CCMS tasks needed after a backdated change – Backdated changes can be made without any extra CCMS actions required by the user. Kids Wizz generates the necessary Cancel Attendance and Re-submit Attendance jobs automatically.

Automatic Creation of Enrolments

Kids Wizz automatically queues up a “Create Enrolment” job when adding a new customer with bookings. No further CCMS actions are required.

Automatic Formalisation of Enrolments

When a user enters CRNs for a parent and/or child, the program looks to see if they already have Informal enrolments. If any Informal enrolments are found it queues up a “Formalise Enrolment” job for every Informal enrolment the parent/child combination has, so that there is no need for users to remember to “Formalise” enrolments.

Automatic Vacancy Reporting

Kids Wizz works out your upcoming vacancies data for you which is then submitted automatically. No more working out or filling out vacancies!

Many Detailed Financial and Statistical reports

School Care Software wants to ensure that any and all useful reports that can be generated from Kids Wizz can be.

Video Demonstration

KidsWizz Demo

Advanced multi-user, multi-database design…

Kids Wizz is designed as a networkable application such that users can be located on a network, the same computer, or over the internet using local area networking techniques.

The flexibility provided by the 3-tier architecture makes Kids Wizz the perfect solution for both large organisations, and small services too.


We provide safe data hosting

  • Simpler set up – no need to configure your own data server. Start using Kids Wizz straight away!

  • Data can be accessed by you from anywhere in the world using your secure login and password. Now you can work from any location with an internet connection.

  • Complete data safety – All hosted data files are mirrored to online storage and can never be lost.

Or install the SCS Data Server on site.

  • Install the SCS data server on your “main” computer that provides shared access across a local network.

  • Install Kids Wizz on as many computers on your local network as needed (for no extra cost). Kids Wizz accesses the data held safely on your SCS data server.

  • The SCS Data Server is held in the same location as the data files maximizing the speed of data operations.