Essential Features for Nursery Software Programs

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Not all nursery software programs are created equal. Some are confusing, hard to navigate, and difficult to implement correctly. Others, while simple to use, are so drab and boring that your motivation to use them goes right out the window. Others still are missing essential features that are supposed to make nursery software programs worth it in the first place. Thankfully, Kids Wizz, a top provider of nursery software in Australia, is ready to give a run down on the important aspects that the best software programs should have.

Nursery Software Essentials

The Overview. Any software that’s pulling its weight is going to have an overview feature; that shows you the essential information in each category. This helps you see the big picture and allows you appropriately plan for the future of your business. You should also be able to perform program related tasks like backing up files, emailing, changing preferences, and accessing logs. All things that are possible with Kids Wizz’s easy to use nursery software.

Attendance Info. You should be able to view attendance for all of your daycare sessions using your nursery software program. More advanced programs allow you to view data on a day-by-day and session-by-session basis, even breaking out specific sessions and days for you to analyse. A good program, like ours, will allow you to add or delete specific children from an attendance list as needed, and print sign in/sign out sheets directly from an attendance record on the computer. Furthermore, the ability to add notes for each child’s entry is essential. This allows any of your employees to pull up a detailed record, and have access to vital information (medical, behavioural, etc.) that may be useful when interacting with a particular daycare attendee.

Accounting Info. By far one of the most important features, and one of the reasons that many choose to use nursery software to help run their business. Nursery software can help keep track of all of your transactions, make a tally of how much money you’re owed, and send out invoices for you. Our software does all the complicated calculations with fee reductions and such for you, and even includes features that can help estimate fees and send out bills in advance. Incredible convenience for both you and your clients. We also provide direct debit functions, so instead of chasing parents down to pay what they owe, the amount is calculated and automatically debited from an account of the parent’s choosing. Also, detailed account histories show what you’ve made over time, and allow you to map out future strategies related to running your business profitably.

CCMS Compliance. One of the largest drains on your time is dealing with CCMS requirements. Our software automates and submits all the required CCMS info for you so that you can get back to handling essentials like attendance, payments, and the like. Less hassle for you and more of actually running your business.

The Clear Choice is Kids Wizz

Think of the time you’ll save using our easy and accurate nursery software program. It’s simple to learn, so no complicated training programs are required just to make use of a piece of computer software. Email us today at, and find out more about how our tried and true software can automate the important administrative tasks of your business.