Why You Should Be Using the Best Daycare Software Programs Available

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Running any business is difficult. Even though you may be good at what you do, there is an entire administrative side of running a business with which most people just aren’t proficient. All businesses have challenges related to managing their accounting, human resources, scheduling (to name a few things). When you’re running a daycare, those challenges multiply to include making sure your staff is certified, licensed, and well trained. You have to manage equipment, make sure it is safe for your employees and students. You have to regulate the children under your care, and avoid incidents. All this in addition to managing the logistics of your daycare. Keeping records, scheduling, managing the budget. Trying to do it all on your own is an overwhelming task. Luckily, there’s Kids Wizz, a top-of-the-line daycare software program that can help you balance running your busy business.

How Can Daycare Software Help?

Instead of trying to write everything down on that spreadsheet and assortment of scattered .TXT files you’ve been using, implementing daycare software programs can streamline your administration, and assist with day-to-day operational tasks like keeping detailed records on clients (as well as children and employees), automating schedules and payment collection, keeping a precise payment history, and much more. These typically time-consuming tasks that take attention away from actually engaging in your business are simplified to the point of being handled intuitively and quickly. Though outdated daycare software was clunky and difficult to navigate, the newest daycare software programs offer comprehensive overviews of all the aspects of your business, making planning and organising a breeze. Say you want to bring up your daily staffing information quickly, and make some changes as to which employees will be covering which groups. With daycare software, it’s as easy as a few points and clicks. If you want to chart your student-teacher ratio, earnings over time, or any other vital stats, you can do that too with just the push of a button (or two).

So It’s Time to Get That Software

Can you just rush out and purchase any daycare software and call it a day? Not realistically, you can’t. In Australia, it’s important to make sure that you are using software that is compliant with the Child Care Management System (CCMS). It’s a national online computer system that records child enrolment and attendance information. This is where Kids Wizz comes to the rescue. Our software excels in all CCMS compliance requirements and technical specifications and efficiently interfaces with the Department of Social Services (DSS) through the CCMS Service Provide Interface. In other words, when you use Kids Wizz, you’re covered!

Of course, it’s not just our commitment compliance that makes our software the best choice in daycare software programs. The numerous features provided by our childcare management system make it the best bet for your business. Coupled with incredible ease of use and top-notch software support, you’d be hard-pressed to find better value anywhere else. Email us today at, and learn more about how our incredible daycare software program can aid your business.