With Childcare Software, Management of CCMS and Information Reporting Is Child’s Play

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If you’re running a childcare centre in Australia, you probably know there are a lot of requirements from Child Care Management System (CCMS) that must be complied with to continue to run your business smoothly. One which is most assuredly a time consumer is vacancy reporting. It can become long and tedious trying to anticipate everything, and then submit the information, but it’s a mandatory requirement, and the penalties (monetary, sanctions, suspension) aren’t really worth the headache. Using childcare software, management of this task becomes easier. Kids Wizz, however, makes it most manageable. Our software works out your upcoming vacancies data for you and then submits the data automatically. No more fuss or hassle on your end. What could be easier?

Need help to automate any other functions of your child care operation? We’ve got you covered. Our childcare software automatically handles the creation of Enrolments when adding a new customer with bookings, and performs automatic Formalisation of Enrolments when a parent or child already has Informal Enrolments out there. Kids Wizz even automatically generates the CCMS tasks needed after a backdated change, allowing you to make changes without handling the confusing behind the scenes works. Our program creates necessary Cancel Attendance and Re-Submit Attendance jobs for you.

With all this automation, it’s easy to see why we have so many satisfied customers who love our childcare software. Management of your business has never been easier thanks to new automation technologies that take the guesswork out of complicated government compliance. Email us today at, and find out more about how we can help you run your child care centre with a new level of efficiency.