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Running a daycare business can be very rewarding. Working with children and their development can leave anyone with feelings of satisfaction, but the business end of child care can be very frustrating. Kids Wizz provides childcare business software designed to make running your business simpler. The software has been designed and developed with years of expertise in the industry. Kids Wizz has been providing such software since 1997 and continues to provide customers with high-quality products, outstanding service, and ongoing technical support. If you are running a day care business, our software can help you save time and money.

The Importance of Day Care

With the increasing social changes of the past few decades, more Australian parents are working. In two-parent households, it is extremely likely that both parents work outside the home. It is often financially necessary for both parents to work. With this change, the need for quality child care has increased. In recent years, improving the quality of such care has been a focus for the Australian government. Those in the childcare business must meet certain standards established by the government to keep their operations running. Kids Wizz child care business software can help.

Day Care Business Software and Compliance

There are a number of government standards that must be met to run a child care business in Australia. Many of the regulations are dependent upon which type of services you provide – long day care or family day care for example. There are some standards that relate to finances and fee reductions that must be met. Kids Wizz software is easy to use and is highly accurate so that all of your fee reductions will be correct. Any auditing of the business’s accounting will show that your operation has remained compliant.

Easy to Use Software

While rewarding, running a child care business can be very demanding. Time is your most precious asset and our daycare business software can help you save some. With Kids Wizz software you can create enrollments, create attendance records, and keep track of invoices and payments. Users will find that the software is extremely easy to use. Users can focus on inputting information while our software takes care of the childcare management processes and oversight.

Our software is cloud based so that you or any number of your employees can access your child care management system from anywhere. Since it is very easy to use, there is little training required. All of your employees could learn how to use the system very quickly. Once it is up and running, you will see that it is quick and efficient which allows you and your staff to concentrate on the other thing that they do best.

Kids Wizz software is the solution for today’s child care business, large or small. We do offer a free, no obligation demonstration of the product so you can get a feel for how easy it is to use. To learn more about our software or to schedule a demonstration, call us on 1800 730 087 or send us an email at