Child Care Software Programs from Kids Wizz Can Help to Avoid the Pitfalls of Running a Child Care Business

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The child care business has expanded greatly in Australia over the past few decades. As changes in the family structure led to more parents working, something had to come along to help care for children. There are thousands and thousands of child care businesses across the country and each faces its share of problems. Kids Wizz was started in 1997 to provide child care management software that business owners could use to make some of their administrative work easier. We continue to provide child care software programs that are easy to use, work with multiple users, and require little training. Our software can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that many face in running a day care business.

Compliance with Government Standards

Child care businesses, like schools, are governed by a set of rules and regulations established by the Australian government. Business owners must comply with these standards or risk being shut down. With all of the proper licensing and certifications, a child care business can start. One of the big things these days is making sure that accounting is done correctly, especially in relation to fee reductions. Child care businesses must track all of their invoices and provide the correct fee reporting for each every student. Failure to do so can result in damaging consequences. Our child care software program is designed to make it easy for users to input information and easily track and calculate all fees and invoices. Kids Wizz helps to maintain compliance.

Our Child Care Software Helps Keep Accurate Records

One of the difficulties of running a successful day care business is keeping up to date with all of the administrative tasks. Kids Wizz can help any child care business keep accurate enrollment records. The software also provides the ability to keep attendance records. If there happens to be a vacancy, it will automatically be reported. Invoicing becomes simple. Kids Wizz can calculate fees in advance and resolve fees against parents’ accounts. With all of the correct data in the system, record keeping with our software is easy. This allows child care professionals more time to do what they do best.

Why Use Kids Wizz

Our child care software has a number of key features that make it the premier child care management system in Australia. The yearly fee to use our service includes ongoing technical support and any upgrades. There are never any hidden or additional costs. We make the finance end of things easy with the “Kids Pay” direct debit capability. Fees can be debited right from a parents’ bank account or credit card.

The software program can be installed on any number of computers at no extra charge. Web hosting is available too. Users can log in to the service from any computer anywhere (as long as there is an internet connection). We do offer a free demonstration of our product so that you can see the ease of use. To schedule a demonstration or for more information about our software, call us on 1800 730 087.