Bring Your Child Care Management System to the 21st Century with Multi-User Cloud-Based Software

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For decades, day care and child care facilities have been required to provide enrolment and attendance date to the Department of Education and Training through their child care management system and for nearly two decades Kids Wizz has provided child care management software to make that a little bit more manageable. In its current form, Kids Wizz is a multi-user, cloud-based solution that takes care of many aspects of running a child care or day care facility.

Where online subscription based services were the exception to the rule for many years, with the increased spread of Wi-Fi and the rise of technology like Google Fiber, which ups your internet’s capacity to one thousand megabits per second, cloud-based solutions are becoming the new norm. This is why the latest models of Apple computers don’t even come with disc drives. At Kids Wizz, we strive to keep our services at the forefront of such technological advances in order to continue to improve by being ahead of the curve.

The Advantages of Cloud-Based Childcare Management Software

In this day and age, the more you can keep on the cloud, the better. Whenever something is not on the cloud, it is almost entirely confined to a single computer or device. This is a major limitation that can be problematic for larger facilities. In most cases, this will mean that only a single employee can access your childcare management software at a time. If a solution is cloud-based, it is most likely multi-user, as our software is at Kids Wizz. This means that several users can log into the service simultaneously and complete different tasks.

Multi-user functionality is particularly useful for services such as ours that have many different components. For example, on user could be attending to the legal compliance of the childcare management system while another user sets up a billing cycle for the parents. These tasks are unrelated and can be completed simultaneously without either interfering or getting in the other’s way.

Another benefit of having a cloud-based solution is that your data is secure and backed up. If you have an installed or downloaded solution and anything goes wrong with the one system on which the software is running, you risk losing a lot valuable data.

The Importance of Working with a Company That Stays Ahead of the Curve

In a world where our access to technology increases at an increasing rate, if you don’t keep up, you quickly become irrelevant. That may sound harsh, but the reality is that child care management software is designed to communicate with the child care management system interface. As technology evolves, so will the interface, the internet, the legal standards, and our software. To keep everything automated and interconnected, you have to keep each component up to date. If you choose Kids Wizz as your child care management software, you can rest assured that you will always be working with current software.