Before and After School Care Management Just Became Easier with New Software Options

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Before school care and after school care are essential services that are invaluable for busy parents. They require employees who are knowledgeable and dedicated to child welfare, in addition to careful administration so that they are run properly. Before school care management software is a help tool that can aid in this process, but can be restrictive if the software limits you to only a single user or machine. What if you have other employees who need to use the program to access vital information? What if you’re at another computer but still need to pull up some client information for reference purposes? Kids Wizz, providers of revolutionary before school care software, have an innovative solution.

How Our Before and After School Care Software Works

Instead of limiting you to a single machine or single user for our program, we have designed our before school and after school care software to be used as a networkable application. Not up-to-date on tech terminology? What this means is that once establishing a local area network (LAN), a group of computers linked together via Ethernet technologies, one can install our software in a central location and make it usable across all of the computers on the network. This enables you to have multiple users in various parts of your facility, instead of trying to get everything done on one machine. You can install Kids Wizz on as many computers on your local network as required at no extra cost, and since the data server and data files are in the same location, everything runs at maximum speed.

Our software even allows the option of creating multiple users on one computer if you choose, and if you’re not keen on setting up your own network from scratch, the ability to access your information via the internet from our safe data hosting is available. This is an attractive option since it doesn’t require you to establish an in-house server and allows you to hit the ground running faster. Your data can be accessed (by you, of course) from anywhere in the world with a secure login and password. We even back up your files so that you don’t have to worry about losing crucial data forever. Our before/after school care software has the options you need to flexibly run your business in the manner you decide.

The Best Choice for Before and After School Care Software

Kids Wizz is an obvious choice. Even without the expansive network options, our program offers a range of other highly vaunted features. Controlling access to what different information users can access, handling and tracking invoices, directly debiting clients, tracking attendance, maintaining client records and notes, and handling all the CCMS details that can become a nightmare when you attempt to tackle them on your own. Take a look at our video demonstration, and contact us once you’re ready to enhance the way you run your business with the best before/after school care management software available. Reach us via email at, and experience a new kind of advanced management software.